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Allure Bridals Trunk Show Is Here!!

We are excited to announce that our Allure Bridals Trunk Show is HERE!!! This Friday to Sunday, experience a different bridal gown experience… these gowns are effortlessly gorgeous and each dress is unique in its own way! Brides can truly find a style with exquisite details that speak to them! Other exciting news: This Saturday, […]

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Color Palette: Blue Skies

    A popular color coming to bridesmaids: Periwinkle This color is soft and there are a lot of other pastel colors to go with it! Brides have chosen this color to with navy, champagne, gold, silver, and more!

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Still Trending: Back Details

We looked at what bridal gowns will be coming in this fall… and we’re still seeing a lot of gorgeous gowns with to-die for backs! Which one is your favorite?

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Color Highlight: Champagne

Champagne is becoming a popular color for weddings! There might be blush tones or other dark tones to go along with it, but nonetheless champagne can be a beautiful color on its own! It is easy to match with other colors due to its neutrality, as well as easy to find for decorations! It’s true.. champagne […]

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Wedding Dress Focus: Fabrics

You probably notice this when trying on gowns: fabrics make the biggest difference. We know that not everyone is familiar with all the different types of fabrics, so we’ll try to break down the most common ones. Charmeuse: A lightweight soft fabric, very satin-like to the touch Chiffon: Delicate, sheer, and transparent — made from silk or […]

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Focus on the Dress

This month, we’re focusing on wedding gowns! From style to beadwork and finishing touches, we want to help educate you! This week, let’s take a look at the major different silhouettes of wedding gowns. First up, the Mermaid.   The mermaid and trumpet cut are very similar in that they become pretty fitted up to […]

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Edible Favors

Wedding favors don’t always have to be a keepsake for your guests; edible favors can also be just as cute! Here are some examples! Another idea is to see if the caterer also does smaller baked goods that can also double as your favor! Get creative!! Don’t forget to visit the store next Friday, September […]

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Bay Area Wedding Faire: Foster City

If you were at the Foster City bridal show, yes, you saw our booth! Here are some of the best moments: Free massages were given to brides by Maile from Danh Yoga! Our dresses were in the fashion show! So if there was something you liked.. visit our store and try it on!! Although our […]

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The Knot Couture: Review

On August 24-25, our associates went to Los Angeles to attend The Knot’s Couture show. Designers come out from around the globe and show off their new collection. The market was at the Siren Studios in Hollywood. This sassy pink truck supplied the crowds of store owners with mouthwatering gourmet burgers, the perfect fashionable and […]

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Fall Wedding Ideas

It’s no question- summer weddings are beautiful! The light, the weather, the fun colors! But there is also a beauty in fall weddings… and here’s why!! What do you think? Summer or fall wedding for you?!

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