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Allure Bridals Trunk Show Is Here!!

We are excited to announce that our Allure Bridals Trunk Show is HERE!!! This Friday to Sunday, experience a different bridal gown experience… these gowns are effortlessly gorgeous and each dress is unique in its own way! Brides can truly find a style with exquisite details that speak to them! Other exciting news: This Saturday, […]

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Essense of Australia Trunk Show

We have a trunk show coming up this month from July 31 to August 2. This designer, Essense of Australia, is a Australian inspired brand. Their wedding gowns are a combination of soft vintage and modern trends. A bride is bound of find something she loves from this awe-worthy designer. Here are some of their gorgeous […]

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Stella York Highlight

With Stella York’s upcoming trunk show, we thought it would be a good idea to look behind the scenes of the iconic designer wedding brand. Stella York is the sister company of Essense of Australia, and Sorella Vita. They are an Austrailian-based design team which want the bride to be the “stella” or star of the […]

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The Perfect Silhouette for Curvy Women

There’s a couple options curvy women can choose for their wedding gown. One way is to embrace your hour glass shape and wear a mermaid style or dropped waist dress.  The next way is to wear an a-line gown (fitted in the bodice and skirt flares out.) Actually, anything with a fitted bodice will enhance that sexy […]

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Silver Wedding: Favors

The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver wedding! In 2 weeks, we’re also having a wedding favor class at Weddings and Dreams. So we decided to look for some favors that are specifically silver for those silver weddings! Give your guests a silver key! It could be the key to their heart, future, […]

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Event Hightlight: Fremont Art and Wine Festival

Weddings and Dreams had a booth at the Fremont Art and Wine Festival last weekend; thanks to all the customers and guests that attended and took a picture with us! We took over 300 pictures of couples in the bride and groom cut out! Early Saturday morning, a couple of our workers had gone into […]

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Highlight on: Wedding Favors

We know that deciding your wedding favor can tricky! Here are some fun and creative ideas found on the Knot, Pinterest, and more! 1. A donation to charity: More couples opt to donate to charities for their guests rather than a keepsake that might be forgotten at home. In lieu of wedding favors, Leslie and Matt made […]

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Color Highlight: Coral

There are a lot of colors to use for your wedding theme; one color that is on the rise is coral! Coral is be a popular color for spring and summer weddings. Customers can find coral bridesmaids dresses at Weddings and Dreams, as well as complementing colors for the groomsmen! There are decorations, flowers and more that you will find […]

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Highlight on colors: Mint

Mint Themed Wedding by maaygen1 featuring long prom dresses Not every wedding is going to have a specific “theme” such as vintage, traveling, or “how they met”. Some weddings will have a colored theme only. One color that has been popular and will continue to be popular is “mint” or for some companies, “seamist’. This […]

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A Different Wedding: Tea Ceremonies

There are different types of wedding ceremonies around the globe; one of which being the Chinese wedding Tea Ceremony. In a traditional Chinese wedding, the Tea Ceremony is equivalent to the exchanging of vows in a Western wedding; however today’s modern couples will include both the vows as well as the Tea Ceremony. Sweet tea is […]

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